Maranda Carvell, September 10 2018

You don’t have to earn it; why you should invest in yourself NOW (lessons from Archangel Summit 2018)

I just wrapped up two incredible days working on my business, and working on my own personal development at Archangel Summit 2018.I had heard over and over again that this is an event like no other, and can now confirm that is not just hype. This isn’t just another personal development or business conference; it’s about community, and global impact, and getting in touch with yourself on a higher level than most people ever experience. This is home for the purpose-driven entrepreneurs, heart-centered business owners, empathetic and ambitious bad-asses who are on a mission to change the world. On the surface this sounds like an event that is perfect for me. But underneath I had some serious reservations about investing in myself at this level.