Maranda Carvell, June 10 2019

Don't Stop Believing

It feels like winter ended right when we opened the doors.

Sometimes what you need is a change in energy, a shift in perspective… stepping out into the sun on the terrace of the 17th floor of the Globe and Mail Centre at The Wellness Business Summit felt like a new season in every way. Surrounding ourselves with sunshine, energy, a captivating view, and a community of people called to make the world a better place. Incredibly powerful.

[Also, maybe I would be more of a morning person if I had a drum band playing Journey every morning.]

Here’s the thing. A coach needs a coach. Everyone needs community. No one can do it alone. 

Stepping into the life you want starts with the next decision. Surround yourself with people who support you, inspire you, who you can learn from and give back to. They’re out there. WE'RE out there. We don’t have to do business like anyone else. Disrupt, challenge, create change, transform lives… in your bare feet, even.

I’m so honoured to represent my own coach, and work with Team LK to put on this amazing event for our community. Together, we’re going to change our entire industry, friends.

Everything you want is possible for you. If you’ve been playing small, it’s time to step into the sun. 

What’s the next step for you? How can I help? Let's talk.

“Build a business around your life, not your life around your business”

Written by

Maranda Carvell

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