Maranda Carvell, April 26 2019

3 Things You Need In Your Nutrition Business To Make A Full Time Income

Your Nutrition school taught you how to be a Nutritionist, but chances are you weren't taught how to be a business owner.  If you're like me, you graduated full of excitement, with all kinds of knowledge to share, but no resources for building a business and getting started seeing clients. 

I was taught to see people for an initial consultation, then spend hours writing their personal protocol, and delivering that at a follow up session.  But these "one and done" sessions don't help anyone. They don't serve your client, and they don't build a solid and sustainable business. To really build a full time practice - one that doesn't leave you burnt out from the marketing hustle of constant client attraction - you need ways of working with people that ensure your clients have support making change and have success, that leverage your time, and that bring in income even when you're not actively seeing clients.

3 Income Streams You Need In Your Nutrition Business

By adding a product line that aligns with your practice, you can add an additional income stream to your business. Your customers are looking for natural products to support their new lifestyle. You're actually doing  your client a service by having a high quality product line that you've vetted with your professional expertise to help support their goals.  And here's the thing that's really powerful from a business perspective; when you have a product line that is consumable, you get to continue supporting your clients, you get to continue having that relationship with them, and you get to continue earning money from that relationship with them once their coaching time is over. This is a powerful way to create customers for life, and is a win-win for you and your clients.

Watch the video below to learn more about the three income streams you need in your nutrition business. And if you don't have all of these in place right now, that's ok. We aren't taught any of this in school. But if you're not gaining traction in your business the way you want or expect, making sure you have these three streams is place is your next step. 

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Maranda Carvell

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