Maranda Carvell, April 17 2019

3 Steps To Building Your Personal Brand

Let's talk about building your personal brand. Because if you're a Nutritionist or Health Coach, that's exactly what you are.

Maybe you haven't thought of it like that before... but ​​​your business is so much more than meal plans, checklists, and products. Your business is you.

Now, "branding" isn't about a pretty website, colours and fonts, or the pictures you post on social media. It's all about understanding who your Ideal Client is, providing them with value, and helping them with something they want. 

Your brand is all about making you a leader in circle of influence, and an expert in the eyes of your audience.  What's "that thing" you want to be known for?

Here are 3 steps to build a powerful online personal brand.​​

Step 1:  Know your audience

This is the foundation that everything is built on. Every program offer, email you send, and piece of social media content should be strategically designed to speak to your audience. So who is that? 

Think about your Ideal Client, that "perfect fit" customer who you know you can help.

If you know these kinds of things about your audience, it's going to be easier to position yourself as the expert who can help them.

Step 2:  Choose your platform and content schedule 

What platform(s) are you going to use to reach people? Where do your clients like to hang out online? Pick one to three social media platforms, such as Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, your blog, or email list. If you are brand new to content creation start with one. Focus there for the next 6 months before adding another platform.

Some time saving tips:

Step 3: Be consistent

The next step is to create a content schedule that you can stick with. Building a brand takes time, and consistency is key. The best schedule is one you can stick with. If you're not consistently showing up for your audience, don't start with three times a day.

 Building a personal brand and growing an audience takes time. Stay focused on the activities, and not the immediate results. It's normal to want to give up if you don't see results right away, but be patient and stay consistent. People buy from those they know, like, and trust, and creating that takes time. ​​ 

I'm curious... do you think of yourself as a personal brand?  Join me in my Rock Your Nutrition Business Facebook group and let me know if this is a new way of thinking for you. 

Written by

Maranda Carvell


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